Back on the Water

Approaching Albany Yacht club from the north, not far beyond the lock.

We left early on Thursday the 25th with on and off rain to finish locks E7 to E2. Since we were locking down, which causes little turbulence, and my crew did not want to get out in the rain to hold the ropes I just used the engines and thrusters to hold the boat. We went back through E7 for the third time and then 12 miles later joined a canal work boat to go through locks E6 to E2 in rapid sequence.

Leaving Schenectady at 7:00, at 11:00 we docked in Waterford where the canal meets the Hudson. We’ve been there before with Keith and Gayle as we started the loop and a year ago with Ethan and Aaron. The next morning we left at 8:00 and just made it to the still open Hudson lock across from Albany. We stopped at Albany Yacht club, just a small marina for the night, and left the next day for Rondout marina near Kingston NY which we reached at 2:00.


Bridge across the Hudson near Kingston. We normally cross on the one just north of this.

Home near the west bank of the Hudson below Kingston.

We rented a car for our upcoming Boston trip and drove around just south of Kingston to get a better feel for the area along the Hudson. We also stopped by what may be the largest outlet mall in the world in Woodbury. We didn’t stay too long there, too big and too many people for us.


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