Looking out Rondout Creek to the Hudson as we leave at 5 AM.


Kids sacked out left and right. Sue likes looking at homes on the bank.

We left Rondout Creek and went the last 60 miles up the Hudson to Waterford at the start of the Erie Canal. We went by Albany on the left, then Troy on the right just before getting here and also passed through the Troy lock, a more standard sized (larger) lock than those on the Erie canal.


Each Hudson lighthouse has a restoration group. The Coast Guard has deeded them to these different groups.


Another lighthouse just before Albany. Most have restored & furnished interiors. You can visit.

We’re at the free Waterford town dock as before, just a few hundred feet west off the Hudson with a few hundred feet more to the first lock, E2, of the canal. The Mohawk River, which has been dammed to make the canal, gets wide here so there is plenty of room for the town docks, the lock entrance and a lot of open water.


Small town tucked back in a bay on west bank of Hudson.


Most unseaworthy boat we’ve seen lately. Just floating down the Hudson midway between Kingston & Albany.

We are off the Hudson now for awhile. We did pass places we’d like to see more of and have taken a few notes on stops to make next time. People can spend their entire boating season cruising the Hudson. There is a lot of history in many of these towns.


Waterford is old but some houses unfortunately now have aluminum or vinyl siding. This is actually in great shape, needs just a bit of work, at least outside.


Across the Hudson to the supermarket. They let you take the cart & drop at docks. Monuments to Waterford’s war dead above sign.

Waterford has some more “recent” history. Edison had shops here. Much of the development for television took place here including the first TV broadcasting station. If you are a model (or real) railroader you have heard of Alco diesel engines. They were manufactured here.


Waterford town docks from the bridge just before the lock. Star Gazer in this but a ways back facing other way.


Mohawk River meanders to the left. Canal to the right. Gate E2 just left of line of boats & past 2nd bridge.


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