Kingston Again


That’s a 175′ boat in front of us at the museum. Never saw the owners but talked with some of the 11 crew.

Nice as it was, this was our 3rd time in Rondout Marina so Sunday we moved to the Kingston side of Rondout Creek and the Hudson Maritime Museum docks. We’re in the “old town” of Rondout NY which merged with Kingston, whose old downtown is a few miles north, in 1872.

There are a number of restaurants and shops as well as a restored trolley that trundles out to Kingston Point park. The boys have learned advantages of early morning fishing and now are up at first light at 5 AM. Sue has emphasized noise suppression with limited success so we can maybe get back to sleep by 5:30 and go till 8 on non travel days.


City Hall in Kingston

It is great to have our grandkids with us for a long stay. Their mother is in India working on issues with Sue’s school, and we don’t know how long that will take. Their little brother went with her, so we got the older two with us. Being fishing addicts, they are all for being here.

Before we left from across the creek we ran into Barb and Dave again. Hallelujah had stayed there during their Maine family visiting trip. They have been boating for the last 50 years, much of it in the great lakes and New York area so they know way more than we do about what is up here.


Not restored as some office building, butsStill used as a high school and being renovated. Yay!

We and many others like us leave the south in April and return at the end of October. This year we’ll do what they are doing, store our boat on the Erie Canal at the west end of Lake Oneida after September. We’ve spent a lot of time going up and down the Atlantic ICW, Chesapeake, New Jersey Coast, etc. Enjoyable time to be sure, but remaining near the great lakes we can boat from May to the end of September and really explore these northern areas.


No particular style we know, but definitely old and mostly treated well.

So we will continue up the Hudson to Albany and then west on the Erie and Oswego Canals. Then it’s east on Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence to Montreal. From there we plan to go up the Ottawa River to Ottawa and then down the Rideau Canal back to Lake Ontario.


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