St Augustine Again


Just back from a great Easter service at Memorial Presbyterian. We wished Troy was still with us. He had taken an interest in pipe organs awhile back and had me play various YouTube videos of performances. Amazing how things like that hold his attention. At the Lightner museum music box demonstration he noticed one large instrument that was an old automatic organ using pipes and asked to have it demonstrated. The organ at Memorial has to be one of the finest in a protestant church in the US. I know Henry Flagler spared no expense when he had the church built in the late 1800’s. With all our modern electronics we still can’t come close to the sound made by an organ like that. Hearing in via YouTube is nothing like being there, and that’s with my hearing! It would have been some experience for Troy. Next time.

We have been doing a bit of cleaning and reorganizing the boat since our guests left, putting a number of things away until our next young visitor should come. We have also walked a lot around St Augustine. The weather remains ideal. A light breeze and just warm enough.

This morning just before leaving for church a large manatee was grazing just a few slips down. All we could really see above the surface was his back, but there was six feet of that. He was there a few minutes before easing under the dock and away.

We’ve had crazy fish again and a 2 video links of them follow. This time hundreds of foot long catfish surfaced along the dock just in back of our swim platform. At the same time foot long Crevalle Jacks were thrashing about the surface after the same small fish that attracted the catfish. You could easily grab a catfish out and see how full it was from what they were eating.


This pregnant crab was on our power cord for hours.

I know these fish facts because the activity attracted the marine ecology classes from Flagler College just up the street. Apparently our area was the hot spot and I attended the mini lecture on the dock in back of our boat.

If that were not enough, the fish woke Sue the night before last. I left the stern underwater lights on which attracted many large (2’ plus) fish which were swimming around between the back of the boat and the dock at 3 AM. Now and again something larger would charge through, scattering the other fish, some of which must have banged against our bedroom wall (back hull). I did get up to take a look, but didn’t take a video until 10 tonight. Same sort of thing, but not as big.


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