St Augustine


In front of the old Alcazar hotel which contains the Lightner museum.

After Sunset Bay Marina we turned north on the Atlantic ICW to Melbourne Harbor. Every time we’re there we always have dinner at Mansion restaurant, and all of us had a great one two nights ago. Last night we were at New Smyrna Beach and today we arrived in St Augustine. All smooth travel after our problems with the props.


Troy spent a bit of time puzzling this one out.

We’ve already been out on the town and had dinner at Columbia restaurant on the St George walking street. We’ll all have a full day tomorrow, then they’ll leave on the 13th for Tampa to fly out the next day.


How do you explain this type of “art” to a four year old? They don’t have much of this stuff in Nang Rong, Thailand

After the boat has been down for 5 months and then run constantly for 6 days a few things had to come up, so I arranged ahead of time for a boat fixing service to come on board and fix things that stopped working. Hopefully they will get done in the next few days while we all see the city.


Troy had only seen a cannon at Ringling Circus museum in Sarasota, so he thought they shot people. 

That 5 months was the longest we’ve ever been off the boat, during which Sue and I both needed some fixing as well, requiring various odd replacement parts to get us up and running in fine shape for this boating season. The good news after all those checkups: if there is some disease out there that may kill either of us, they have yet to find it.



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