St Augustine Again

AustineChurch  AugustineChurchInside

Sunday was clear and cold, but with jackets and the sun we had a great day around the city. I dropped the dinghy in the morning and we were off to Memorial Presbyterian Church for Palm Sunday. We got there 15 minutes before the 11:00 service and the place was packed. As we’ve gotten older we appreciate the traditions of some of the old churches in America with the pipe organ and the older hymns. I’m not sure we can make the service in another favorite, Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah. I think at our current pace we may be past Savannah by Sunday. We may be in Charleston, though.

After church we went to our favorite St Augustine restaurant, Café Alcazar. It’s the restaurant in the old swimming pool I wrote about before. I had Artichokes Giovanni and Sue had the Catch of the Day (mahi mahi). I wonder about people who often put a picture of what they eat on their Facebook page, but Sue insisted I get a picture. It was really good.

AlcazarLunch  Lightner

We spent some time in the Lightner Museum that we also visited last time and just walked around the town. We’re staying tomorrow also and will go through a number of house museums just south of the Lightner that we haven’t seen yet.

While we’ve had the dinghy down several times before, this is the first time we have used it for the normal dinghy purpose, as a taxi to shore while at anchor. St Augustine is one of the more expensive marinas to stay at, about $150 per night for a boat of our size. The mooring ball is $20 and includes free pump out from a mobile station and use of the dinghy dock, where we parked ours all day today. We’ll be anchoring out more often now that our boat’s systems are set up for it.

At the DeFever rendezvous one of the speakers said “At any time there are about 5 things wrong on your boat and you probably know about 2 of them.” Last night Sue turned on the water at the kitchen sink and got nothing. I checked a bath faucet and got the same. The breaker was on, so what was wrong. I called Greg, got a bit of advice and whacked the pressure sensor that turns the pump on with a screwdriver handle. The pump is working great now. How did he know that?


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