Annapolis II


Annapolis main street goes down to meet the head of Ego Alley.

There was more to see in Annapolis. This time we got into the statehouse, which is for some things is the oldest in the US, I forget which. It’s most famous being where George Washington resigning his commission and returning to civilian life after the revolutionary war. The room where he did that is restored to its appearance at the time and part of a museum area in the same building where both houses of the Maryland legislature still meets. Instead of ruling the nation as he could have at that time, Washington set a huge precedent, setting the stage for civilian rule by removing the military from the picture.


The capital dome at the end of a typical Annapolis street.


Washington stood right here in this room and resigned his commission.

The high point was probably attending lunch formation at the academy. Just before noon every day all the midshipmen form up all over the plaza in front of Bancroft Hall, the largest dormitory in the world. Nice that there are places I like to see our tax money being spent.


The academy chapel. John Paul Jones is buried under the altar.

Tomorrow we run south. We have plenty of time to get to Atlantic Yacht Basin just south of Norfolk. Sharon and Paul fly out of Norfolk airport early in the morning on the 14th. That same morning we will leave and go south at a smart pace to get the boat to Little River SC where we’ll have some more work done, while we fly Aug 20 to Austin to move out of our condo which closes on the 25th.


The high point of our trip, and they do this every day before lunch!


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