Ego Alley


Naval academy to our right just before turning in. Dome is the chapel.

This year is big city year with Hampton-Norfolk, Annapolis, Philadelphia, two stays at NYC, Baltimore and now a 2nd stay at Annapolis. We traveled the 15 miles from the inner harbor back to the main bay and then down another 13 to get outside of Annapolis.

The Chesapeake can get really rough, just like the great lakes. Because it is shallow the waves tend toward shorter periods which makes them that much more dangerous. Somehow last year as well as this year we have just not run into any rough weather here. We have not had to sit in port anywhere waiting for good days. They have all been pretty good and the water plenty smooth.


Just entering Ego Alley. We’ll park on the right near the far end.

We went in about 3 miles to the Annapolis harbor area. This time we took a right just before our former marina and went up into Ego Alley. We picked a spot toward the end and pulled alongside. Our anchor just started to overhang the smaller boat in front when Paul said our back was even with the boat behind, so we slowly pulled in.

They probably expect that kind of crowding here. We are here only Monday through Wednesday nights, so we won’t see the crush on the weekends, but still there is no lack of people just outside our boat. It’s hot so we are using our canvas window sunshades, but they give us privacy in the salon at night also. We already got acclimated to this in Baltimore.


Star Gazer in Ego Alley

With Paul and Sharon instead of the boys we will see some different parts of Annapolis this time.


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