NYC Again


Leaving Haverstraw Marina on the Hudson at 6 AM July 25


Heading south the Hudson

We had a pleasant travel day south to Haverstraw Marina on the 24th, with a down day for the rest of the day there. The next day again traveled between Manhattan and New Jersey back to Liberty Landing Marina. This time we had a normal slip and tied up with no drama at all. The Hudson was smooth both days with no rough stuff like when we came up.


Two stories above the streets on the High Line trail. Wish it were longer.

We had the full days of the 26th through 29th to see the big city. We walked the full length of the High Line trail and on through Greenwich Village, saw the 9-11 memorial and museum, and went to the top of the RCA (now Comcast) building. I think this is the best tall spot in NYC. It is much closer to Central Park than Empire State. You can hardly see the park from WTC 1. A big plus is being outside to see everything.


A movie shoot in Greenwich Village. All the cars in this area were older ones.

One day Paul and Sharon spent some time in the Met while I toured all over Central Park and spent more time just walking through parts of Manhattan. The morning of another day was given over to the Statue of Liberty Island and Ellis Island. These two places were by far the most crowded of anywhere we went. We saw the statue about as well our first time from the boat, but Ellis Island had a lot to see. That afternoon Paul and Sharon took the boat from Ellis Island over to Battery Park and looked around there. I took the other boat back to Liberty Landing and where Sue had stayed, not wanting to brave the crowds that day.


St Patrick’s Cathedral is pretty spectacular from this angle.


But a lot smaller from the top of the RCA building in Rockefeller Center.

The last day there was a down day, we had seen a lot in after getting there before noon on the 25th as well as on the other three days.


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