Kingston Area



World’s longest walking (and bicycling) bridge at Poughkeepsie. An elevator to the right takes you up.

By the 22nd we were all ready to see more of Kingston and its area. Paul and I visited the Walkway over the Hudson, a 1888 railroad bridge at Poughkeepsie that was made into part of a walk/bicycle trail. They claim it is the longest walking bridge in the world. It’s pretty high too, but they don’t claim that for it. We took the elevator up and walked halfway out over the middle of the Hudson.


Inside Franklin Roosevelt’s home at Hyde Park NY.

In the two days we also managed to visit Franklin Roosevelt’s home and library at Hyde Park and the smallest of the Vanderbilt mansions again. We ate lunch at the Beekman Arms, the “oldest operating inn in America”, almost directly across the Hudson from Kingston. With all the claims we see on the loop I’m not sure how to translate that, but it has been around a long time and the food was so good we stopped by for dinner on the way back.


Sue and Sharon outside the Beekman Arms, the oldest operating inn in America.


Dining room in the Vanderbilt Mansion.

We decided to turn back south for two reasons. Our Texas condo sale was going to close in August and we would have to leave the boat to move out of that condo and into the new one in Florida. We wanted to leave the boat in SC where we could get some more work done on it. Also, we enjoyed the time in NYC and Philadelphia so much we wanted more big city time. So, we decided to turn back short of the Erie Canal and head back down the Hudson toward NYC.



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