Sue and I walked the Highline Trail north to south Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we had to move to our slip for the rest of the week and got over to Manhattan around 10 AM. We took an Uber to the north end of the Highline Trail. Sue was not feeling well last year when Sharon, Paul and I walked this.


Plantings and flowers along the Highline.


Many views along the way. This reminded us of the Bridge of Sighs.

Sue liked the trail much more than I expected. Part of it was all the plantings along the trail. They were more extensive than last year. NYC is always interesting and it’s really great to see it from a different point of view. The other difference was all the people. It was Sunday before memorial day and fleet week as well. Maybe 10 times as many people as I saw last year, all having a great time.


Memorial Day Monday was busy at the Met. This is the main entrance area.


The Met is big enough that once we got inside it was not so crowded.

We had lunch near the trail south end and then went through Chelsea Market. Again the Sunday crowd was tremendous. Don’t even think about going to the bathroom there unless you can wait in a line easily more than 100 feet long. They must have thought out the equal opportunity issues, since the line for the men’s was even longer than that. The longest and second longest restroom lines I had ever seen. It was great fun to walk the aisles past any and every kind of food, huge fish market and very packed restaurants and eating stalls of every description. There was even a somewhat counter cultural bookstore in which to park myself while Sue went through shops with kitchen gadgets, clothes, etc.


Passageway between the Met central area and American wing. Largest museum in the US.

We walked through more of the Chelsea area, had dinner at a pretty “reimagined” Mexican restaurant and then went home via Uber and the ferry.

A Fleet Week event had gone badly wrong that day. A Navy Seal died doing a low level jump from a helicopter due when his parachute failed. This happened right at the mouth of the channel to our marina, so the entire area shut down with no boats in or out while they searched for the camera he was wearing and other items. Our ferry diverted to another Jersey City port and we went home from there.


Interior of a church I stopped by along my Tuesday walk.

Since leaving Baltimore the weather has been somewhat cold and with a bit of rain from time to time. Monday was best spent indoors, and the Met was big enough to spend the whole day there while seeing maybe a fifth of it. With not so good weather again Tuesday Sue stayed home to rest while I went out. I stopped by the New York City Museum (so so), went to a great hole in the wall Chinese take out place for lunch and stopped by the Met for a few hours. The rain threatened but didn’t really come so I walked through part of Central Park and then further south until I had to catch an Uber to get the evening’s last ferry back to our marina.


It’s hard to match the grand old buildings of Manhattan. They are everywhere.

Our last day was a surprise. Good weather showed up that afternoon despite the predictions, so we went over to Battery Park and the Wall Street area. Sue also got a bit of shopping in at the downtown Macys and other stores in midtown.


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