NYC to Atlantic City


We face Manhattan as we leave Liberty Harbor Marina. Most shots are Paul’s since he boarded.


The Statue of Liberty was close by, we passed it minutes after leaving.

We took off early for the longest leg on the open ocean from NYC to Atlantic City, over 100 miles in all. It was 17 miles just to get from our marina out through the New York harbor and under the Verrazano Bridge to where we could turn south along the coast. New York harbor is one of the most congested and potentially dangerous areas we sail in. Fortunately today the weather was great and the water as smooth as could be expected with all the boat wake. The harbor is navigable at night or in a fog, but I’ll leave that to those with a lot of experience and local knowledge, even with helps such as radar and AIS. We’ve been fortunate for each of the three times we have been through, with maybe a small exception for the storm that hit as we came into Liberty Landing two weeks ago.


View of Atlantic City as we approach from the north.


Times Square. New York City has not seen the last of us. We’ll be back.

Predicted wave height was 2 – 3’ for our open ocean trip. It was probably more like two, and they were far enough apart that we had a fairly smooth ride all the way. We got in around 5. This time I did get a slip at Senator Farley State Marina, and we had plenty of time to get to the buffet dinner at the casino. The buffet is good, but not great. We were thinking of trying something else, but except for upscale seafood/steak places it seems the only choice in the immediate area.


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