The Trip to Walberg Creek Anchorage

This is the only other boat I’ve seen here today. It came by before sunset, but didn’t stay.

Today (Thursday) we are anchored at Walberg Creek for the third time. There was no else one here when we got here at 1:40 PM. I just now checked at 4:30 and it appears we’ll be alone here tonight.

7:00 AM is the earliest time we have decent visibility, so that’s when we left Jekyll Island. There was a thick fog forecast to burn off (it did by 9), so we travelled a bit slower than usual. We had occasional glimpses of ICW shores and could see day markers if they were within 50 feet.

Our depth sounders tell us we have enough water under us. The electronic chart shows where the channel shores and the day markers are supposed to be. The radar shows where they really are, which fortunately is nearly always close to their chart positions. We had to run more than 2 miles across the main Brunswick shipping channel in this fog, but AIS showed us there were no large ships anywhere around and the radar, which can pick up the day markers from miles away, would also show those as well as all the other boats. Without this equipment we would not have set out, but since it was a low traffic day (we didn’t detect anyone else) it was safe.

We’ve been on a mooring ball or at anchor 6 of the last 10 nights since leaving the DeFever rendezvous. Now that our boat’s systems are straightened out its often just easier. The weather has cooperated with days just right and cool nights so we did not use any AC, which requires we run the generator if we don’t have shore power. We carry enough supplies to last us. The last time we took on fresh water was 8 days ago. Sue has used the dishwasher and the washing machine at least once and right now our water is still at 60%. We did take on fuel at Jekyll marina yesterday because the price was pretty good. The last time we fueled was November 11 on the way down to Lantana. We don’t have to worry about the holding tank getting full because we now have a treatment plant on board. We could have easily gone without getting groceries yesterday at Jekyll, but then would have missed out on a fun golf cart trip. Well, I was out of bagels and OJ.

Savannah on Friday, then we’ll arrive in Beaufort SC on Saturday. Easter Sunday will be at Baptist Church of Beaufort, 3 blocks from our marina. Looks like good weather for walking to church that day.


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