Jekyll Island


Croquet anyone? Players on Jekyll Club Hotel grounds.

After 3 nights on a mooring ball at St. Augustine we spent one more night (Tuesday) on a ball at Fernandina, FL near the northern border. We crossed into Georgia around 7:15 AM Wednesday morning and soon passed by the naval Kings Bay Submarine base. No submarines visible but the guard boat was out in the middle of the ICW as always. We use the eastern side of the ICW there. The Navy gets the rest. As we approached the base we heard reveille from the base and just after we passed they played the Star Spangled Banner at exactly 8:00.

We got into Jekyll Harbor marina in the south western part of Jekyll Island today at 10:30 AM. I would have liked a longer run but the tide was fast going out and I won’t pass the northern ¾ of Jekyll Island on less than (preferably on the way up) half tide. Each day the tides advance about 40 minutes, so we will have more tide to use on future days of this trip. There are some areas along the Georgia ICW that we must have tide assistance to cross, so if half tide going down comes at 11:00 AM, like it did today, we can’t cross those areas after that.

We used the day to wash down the part of the boat facing the dock and drive one of the marina’s 3 electric golf carts to the grocery store. On the way back we passed through the island’s historic district where the Rockefellers and others used to stay in the summer.

JekyllHouse3  JekyllHouse2

JekyllHouse4  JekyllHouse1

Houses we toured last year in the Jekyll Island historic district.

We especially like the old Jekyll Island Club Hotel. We thought about eating dinner there. It’s really elegant and you have to dress up. The hotel would have someone pick us up and drop us off if we wanted to do that, since the marina is only a half mile away, but we decided to eat on the boat. Next year when we do the Chesapeake the trip up this way will be much slower, and we will definitely do that. So if you plan to be with us then men should bring a dinner jacket. Unless you’re my size, that is. I have an extra one.


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