Just a bit of sun along the way on homes along the west bay shore.

Things were better on Tuesday. The wind was nonexistent, down from very noticeable the day before. We started out a bit before 7 and found the bay calm all the way. Following waves just barely noticeable the last part of the trip before we went into the Elizabeth river at the south end of the bay.

Missionaryridge, named after a Civil War battle, must have been on a training mission. It circled and zagged about a mile in front of us while it transmitted AIS unencrypted information. First time I’ve seen that.

It was still overcast but no rain. A lot of the bay is shallow and a lot has crab pots and other things set up for fishing, so it was easier just to keep near the main shipping lanes. We did keep a watch out for logs and swerved to avoid one just as we had when traveling from Annapolis.

Just coming out of the Elizabeth river, they called to ask what I was doing. I answered “I’m holding the course you see on your AIS”, which seemed to satisfy them.

Our last hour of travel passed more navy and commercial ships, most undergoing repair or other work than we’ve seen anywhere else by far.

The super carrier Abraham Lincoln.

We’ve been in downtown Norfolk at Waterside marina again for three nights with tonight being our last. It’s usually been on the verge of rain but never quite gets around to it. Dillard’s dept. store at the MacArthur mall has been selling out its summer clothes, which will be just right for winter in Florida, so Sue has had a great time shopping there. They had a Barnes & Noble there as well, so I was happy. I was just able make the 4 block trip carrying back her purchases tonight.


At Barnes and Noble. Couldn’t find anything to show me how to work on the other side.

We’ve seen a lot of the sights in Norfolk just last year. We’d have liked to go to the botanical gardens here again, but the weather was just not right for that


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