New Jersey

Starboard as we are leaving. The Minderalla was anchored just past G Washington bridge when we came in.

It’s 25 miles from Liberty Landing just to get through the Verrazano Narrows bridge and out to the Atlantic, then another 80 miles to Atlantic City. That’s more than we usually travel in a day, so we started out a little before 7. The seas outside were no worse than what the ferries churned up in the harbor. After the first 15 minutes we don’t notice the motion except when using the binoculars.

Starboard in New Jersey. The Adventure of the Seas must be saving money. Nearly an hour bus ride for the NYC excursions.

We docked at Farley State marina a little after 5. It’s named for whatever congressman got the money for it. We’ve been there before and decided to skip the buffet and other Golden Nugget casino restaurants and eat on the boat. Next (Saturday) morning we did the much shorter trip to Cape May and got in around noon.

Thirty miles down the coast everyone’s fishing. Ethan, Aaron and I did this in Chesapeake Bay.

Most of both trips we traveled close to the beach to enjoy the view. The depth is nearly always adequate 1500 feet out and Nav mode kept us on a line at that distance and warned us when to take over to round an inlet or other shallow area. We passed 2 or 3 amusement piers and so many people on so many beaches along the New Jersey coast that Sue decided we should have a New Jersey beach experience before leaving the area.

Your tax dollars at work. The sand washes away every year. Nothing a few hundred million can’t fix for now.

While the depth was never a problem, we did manage to hit a low floating oil drum or something about 30 miles before Atlantic city. It was not so visible although I should have been able to see it had I been more attentive to the forward instead of side view. When I hear anything hit the hull I check if water is coming in to the forward bilge, where it would show up almost immediately. I saw nothing at all.

I think we passed three of these, not including Atlantic City.

From the dock at Farley I could to see the object was metal since it dug a small 2 x 3” gouge in (not through) the hull just above the waterline.

Atlantic City. We’ve been out and about here. A surprisingly limited city. Would not want to live here.


We use our dinghy much less than we thought we would. Should have bought a cheaper one. Wonder how much this one is used. Hope he’s good at landing it. Not much room and a ski might just hook over that railing.

While things like this can be anywhere it’s much more likely to find them close to shore, which is why we normally travel a mile or two out. On the other hand if we did hit something that could sink the boat it would be better to be a thousand feet out rather than miles, but we’ll go back to staying further out anyway.


The big fishing tournament just ended. 900K grand prize (with a 450K government deduction). Star Gazer is last on the left.

So here we are at Canyon Club marina in Cape May at the southern tip of New Jersey. The boat doesn’t need immediate attention, but they have the facilities and availability to fix it here as well as a few other cosmetic hull issues built up over the last four years. It will be nice to explore around here. Sue does intend to get to the beach a few times


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