Canajoharie II


Starting out on the short trip from Little Falls to Canajoharie.


A little later along the way to Canajoharie.

This morning we had only 20 miles to go to revisit Canajoharie. We also had 4 locks, starting with a 40 foot drop, then a 20 and two 8’s. Pretty smooth today with little delay. We’re old hands to locking now. It used to be a bit scary, and I would come in too fast, or get in the wrong position, or scrape something. Having Paul and Sharon along make it easier as well. As much as I’ve tried to get Sue to leap down from the boat to a dock or across to a lock wall to help tie us up she refuses to do it! I’ve been meaning to look into the laws about mutiny…

Paul does many of the pictures, like this one as we start out.

Again a calm day, cool enough for a light jacket in the morning with a slim possibility for some rain later on. We saw interesting rock formations as we left the Little River area. We just glided along an a beautiful tree lined waterway either like glass or with only the slightest ripple. No wind, current or other boats in the locks with us, so we just floated, not bothering with the ropes on the lock side. We sometimes needed no engine or thruster correction for the whole ride down.

Rock formations coming out of Little Falls.

Exiting Lock E17 after dropping 40.5 feet. Only vertically gated lock for us this season.

We walked two blocks from our boat into downtown Canajoharie, through a few shops, some with stuff not so good, but really old, and had lunch. Like Little River, it is old, mostly cute and pleasant, but the times have left it behind.

Lonely dockmaster on the left as we enter lock 14.

We’re staying another day for the art museum. Maybe Paul and I will hike up to the creek, falls and “boiling pot” like I did last year with our grandsons.


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