Here we leave our first lock, E13, past Canajoharie, only an 8 foot drop.

Entering lock E11. Pretty calm above the dam.

We passed through locks E13 to E8 and 50 miles of canal, a good day’s trip, to get to Schenectady. Not a lot to do here and Sharon and Paul just wanted to kick back and rest on the boat. Sue wanted to get out so the two of us got an Uber and went to Crossgates Mall, a reasonably upscale place, since it had an Apple Store. Sue got her nails fixed and I got my iPhone speaker fixed.


Leaving lock E7. The lockmaster just told us that E6 – E2 were closed for the day!

We went a bit further and decided to return through E7. Its dam is shown here.

This morning (17th) we set out to complete the western Erie Canal and get to the Hudson. As we exited lock E7 the lockmaster told us the “flight” locks E6 thru E2 were closed for the rest of the day. No marinas between locks 7 and 6 could handle our boat, but we could go forward and tie up on a wall before lock 6. We had scheduled a Vermont trip starting on the 18th, but could not leave Star Gazer for a week tied up to a lock wall, so we returned through lock 7 back to Schenectady Yacht club. We’ll leave the boat here and take off tomorrow.

Stairhalls are the most famous thing in the NY Statehouse.

A lot of NY state landscapes up on the third floor.

A different stairwell or a lower part of the one shown above, I can’t remember which.

Our short trip left us enough time, so we visited the New York State capital building, which we saw last year, and the state museum. The museum turned out larger and more interesting than we anticipated. A bit of art but a lot of interesting history and displays.

Tomorrow we leave with Paul and Sharon for a week road trip in Vermont.


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