Kingston ON


We got off the docks into a small park with “The Spirit of John A.” Named after a corrupt but lovable mayor.

We’re up here in Canada now while Hurricane Irma bears down on our Sarasota home. Jordan is staying there awaiting some job interviews. Apparently the building is safe and has backup generators. It will be locked down during the storm with no one in or out. The steel shutters are all closed and Jordan’s got some books to read. We’ll see how it all comes out when we get there on the 16th.

Since we missed the opening of the LaSalle Causeway Bridge in Kingston we turned in to Kingston Marina just north of the bridge for Thursday night. Friday morning we moved the boat through the bridge and on to Confederation Marina which is closer to down town, although this time we were out on 1000 feet or more of dock just to get to shore.



We learned about that mayor and more in the city hall, which had several exhibit rooms.

Just about anything would be a big city after what we’ve seen on the Rideau, but Kingston turned out bigger than we thought. Its population at 123,000 is about the same as Ottawa and Gatineau combined. Ottawa did seem a lot bigger, maybe because all the government buildings as well as all the money that inevitably follows government power.


Princess St. is the main street of town running west from the waterfront.

Not too many big or important museums here. The old prison is perhaps the best known, but we didn’t visit that. Nathan, Troy and I did like the Pump House Steam Museum. There are many references to Steam power in this part of town since Kingston once was a major builder of steam and then diesel locomotives. It was pretty small, but had two huge steam engines that previously pumped water for Kingston, great working model steam engines and finally model trains.


Many scratch built engines and cars in the O gauge layout. All donated by a single old hobbyist.

There was an extensive O gauge layout with a lot of track and rolling stock although no scenery. In this case scenery would block the view of the many engines and cars on the layout. A lot of these were scratch built by the man who donated all the O gauge trains. There were also working HO and N gauge layouts as well as a hands on Brio layout. Troy certainly had his hands full and I always like well made models like the O gauge engines on display.


I wondered about that X on the top, but the sign lower right says “Presbyterian”. 

There were a couple of other Museums we didn’t get to, but we’ll probably be this way again next year. We also enjoyed the air show put on over the city and waterfront by Canada’s Snowbirds flight team Saturday afternoon.


The Canada Snowbirds did their aerobatics right over us at the marina.

Our original plan this year was to hang out in the Thousand Islands and then go on in some unplanned direction from there. The islands were not inviting due to weather when we reached them, and this year’s weather made the whole season not so good there, so we just kept going down the St Lawrence. We were certainly better off in Montreal, Ottawa and the rivers and canal. I think we turned be more city and town people than wilderness people. We did not go camping much in our younger days. Many boaters anchor out more than we do. Certainly we have enjoyed anchoring, especially the long stretches where there are no marinas or tie up places along the western river portion of the Great Loop.


3 thoughts on “Kingston ON

  1. Carol Ann Kerr says:

    What a great Train engine picture! I can imagine how much your little grandson is enjoying all these wonderful things that he gets to see! Don and I will be praying for safety for Jordan and others in Sarasota during this bout with Hurricane Irma. Thank you for sharing your life via these posts and pictures!


  2. Nancy McDonald says:

    Happy to hear that none of you returned to Florida before the storm had passed through. I hope that Jordan weathered the storm well and that your home wasn’t damaged. Thanks for the adventure on your boat! Nancy


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