Southern Rideau Canal


View out front just before we left the Kennedy Hotel dock at Jones Falls.


Looking back to the Jones Falls flight lock as we leave.


View to starboard as we leave the Kennedy Hotel.

Today the locks started on a new schedule, opening at 10 and closing at 4 as the boating season comes to a close. Since the first lock was 10 miles to the south we left a bit before 9 to get there as it opened. I forgot to check for bridges, however. The Brass Point swing bridge was only 5 miles away, and it didn’t start opening until 10 either, so we did wait around there for a bit. Finally the bridge master came out, raised the flag and opened the bridge.


Forgot this swing bridge didn’t open until 10 AM like the locks. He’s raising the flag at the right.

We’ve been traveling about 20 miles or less each day on the Rideau Canal. Our last day was a little longer at 25 miles. No really narrow passageways with trees and the banks a few feet from each side like we’ve been having. We went through many fairly wide lakes but with narrow channels the whole way. There were many red and green floating markers spaced close enough together that we were watching our rear did not swing out and bump them in the corners.


Farmland and more open country today.


Just around this corner to the last set of locks. That’s a 10 kph speed limit sign ahead.

Today’s trip had had fewer locks than we usually see, but the last lock was another combination single separated from a 3 chamber flight lock by a passing basin, just like at Jones Falls. Again we waited awhile for this one, just long enough that as we left they told us we’d miss the 3 PM LaSalle Causeway Bridge opening in Kingston. The next opening was at 6 PM.


He’s turning the crank to let water out through the openings in the bottom of the gate of our last lock.


Another 15 minutes and we would have made it. We went through at 10 AM the next day.

We’ll stay a few days and see Kingston, then we cross lake Ontario to Oswego NY. One more day of travel takes us to Winter Harbor Marina on the Erie Canal. We have tickets to fly home from there September 16, hopefully arriving after the hurricanes have finished coming through. That gives us 3 days to pack up what we want to take and get the boat ready for winter storage. Next year we’ll start out from this area.


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