Back on the Erie Canal

Star Gazer was waiting in the water the morning of July 5

New replacement spare props. We lost two props coming out of Florida last year.

We are back on the boat after our longest time away from it by far. Nathan and Troy were with us last year and Troy needed to get to Sarasota to start school. We were into October and he was already a month late, so we just left the boat on the Erie canal at Winter Harbor Marina, where they stored it out of the water.  Now after 8 months we are back.

George Eastman’s living room. Thousands of pipes for the organ in several rooms behind this picture.

Star Gazer was in the water with just a few things left to fix when we moved back aboard July 5. Paul and Sharon arrived soon after and we spent the 7thand 8thtouring Rochester, including the George Eastman home and museum, the Susan B Anthony home and the Mt Hope cemetery, a great place for a Sunday walk.

Mt Hope cemetery has really varied landscape. Susan B Anthony & Frederick Douglas buried here.


Just and ordinary small headstone for Susan B Anthony. It’s all she wanted.


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