Parliament Hill was the best sight to see. It closes for 10 years of renovations in 2018.


Our parking spot a few hundred feet from the top of the stair step locks. Parliament Hill in the background.

We’re downtown in Ottawa on the shopping/commercial side of the canal. The Government side is 5 minutes away across the bridge at the top of the stair step locks. We spent the rest of our first day at the Byward Market area which has fresh food markets, restaurants and various tourist shops. It’s the largest market in Canada.


The museum building is modern and the most impressive thing. It did have some good paintings. A worthwhile visit.


Going into the museum Troy saw Notre Dame cathedral across the street and suggested we go there next.


This best thing was probably this chipmunk from the museum shop.

Ottawa is not as big as Montreal, but it does win with government buildings and museums. We spent most of a day touring Parliament Hill and another day at the National Gallery of Art and the large cathedral across the street. Nathan, Troy and Nancy went to Cirque du Soleil across the river in Gatineau. Sue and I had a bit of down time on the boat when we fielded calls about the ongoing cleaning up of the mess in India.


The chamber for the house, the larger elected part of Parliament.


From the tower above the bells but below the clock. Library roof to left. National Gallery upper right. Notre Dame far right.


The only part saved from the 1916 fire, the library is easily the most spectacular part of the complex.

We ate in a couple of fancy restaurants that turned out just OK. One of our best meals might have been the Sunday brunch at the Westin across the street from the canal. Second best might have been in the Chinese stall (twice) at the food court of Rideau center. This is a large upscale shopping center (complete with Apple store) and is connected to the Westin.


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