Entering the Rideau Canal


Approaching the blue line to the right of the gates. The sun is shining at us.


This waterfall at the first gate appears in the upper picture but is hard to see.

We got to the blue line a little early and waited with one other boat. At the 9 AM opening time most of the 9 lock gates above us were waterfalls, and we would not be locking up until they dumped all that water. Troy and I climbed up along a few locks and took some pictures from there. The sun was coming down the locks against us, so forward photos are not too good.


Waiting on the blue line. With water falling over the 1st gate there is plenty of time to hike around the locks.

By 9:30 they drained the first lock and opened the gate. They take large boats first, and that’s what we are in this part of the country. The other boat could fit behind us if they tied to the opposite wall.


Canadian locks and associated parks are a big tourist attraction, and not just for us.


Looking back from the 3rd lock up.

It’s long haul going through 8 locks, one after the other. It was easier with Nancy. Nathan handled the back and Nancy front with Sue dealing with Troy. I was only needed for the short time we moved from one lock to the next. I could get used to this.


The last gate. Spectators above on the bridge. Blue line for oncoming boats is to left in the tunnel.


Taken later. Boats in the high chamber ready to lock down. Near middle boat still positioning to raft to its left.

No one kept track of the time, but I think it was around 11 when the last gate opened. We went maybe 1400 feet into the canal and tied up on the northeast side where there appeared to be power. There was power and we are downtown in Ottawa on the side of the Bywater Market and the famous Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel. According to Google Maps it’s an 8 minute walk to the Centennial Flame at Parliament Hill. Looks like a good spot.


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