Today was great weather and smooth water most all the way.


We could not see two boats away in the marina when we got up. Here it lifted enough for us to leave.

We ran the final 40 miles to Hull Marina in Gatineau QC, just across the Ottawa River from Ottawa ON. The famous 8 “stairstep” locks that start the north end of the Rideau Canal are just across the river from us. After stopping nearly 2 hours to fuel up via a really slow pump we still got here before 2 PM.


Two ferries cross opposite directions. Three more wait to the right. Must be a busy area.


Nicest home we saw on the river today.


Only small towns, a few houses and farms on the Ottawa River today and yesterday.

Our Marina was a 10 minute walk from the Musee Canadien di l’Historie (hey we don’t leave French Quebec until tomorrow). This museum also contains the (Canadian National?) Children’s Museum, so Troy, Nathan, Sue and I were quickly off to see what we could. Troy liked what he saw, especially operating the large freight loading crane and moving “cargo” from the ship to the dock. The museum building is large, modern and impressive. It could use more exhibits. It certainly has room for them. Sue and I saw much of the early, colonial and modern sections of the museum. We did miss one of the four major sections. It was devoted entirely to hockey, the national sport, so there remains a large gap in our understanding of Canadian history.


Nine lion dogs a gift from Shanghai for MosaiCanada150. The dragons (not in pic) were from Beijing.


Horses emerging from the flower bed.

After heavy rain this morning, we had a respite and went to MosaiCanada150 exhibit in Jacques Cartier Park, which is just ashore from our marina. The park is filled with topiary exhibits in honor of 150 years of Canadian independence.


The gate for the first of 8 successive “stair step” locks is a bit left of center. Parliament to right, Chateau to left.

We did get Nancy at the airport after an hour delay. We had dinner in Ottawa across the river and will get up tomorrow to start on the Rideau Canal.


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