To the Thousand Islands and Montreal


Evening across the river from our boat at Winter Harbor Marina

We leave tomorrow up the Oswego Canal to Oswego on the Ontario south shore. Weather and waves appear OK so far on the open lake so we plan to head east to the St Lawrence the next day.


Lots of great building models. We like old buildings, big and small.


Buildings and models from WWII time.

A number of things were fixed at Winter Harbor Marina while we were gone. Not many places get things done as well as they do. We also got our other business taken care of as well as one side trip to the Medina Railroad Museum.

We judged the museum well worth the 2 ½ hour trip to Medina. We went into overload with all there was to see, so we’ll have to visit again to pick up what we missed.


An operating hump yard, hump is at the far end.


I thought I knew most of what A C Gilbert created, but I never knew anything about this building set, assembled above with tender and 7 additional car kits following.

We had lunch at the town’s only Mexican restaurant before seeing the museum but suggest trying some other nationality if you ever visit there.

We leave tomorrow morning, finally on the move after 3 weeks.



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