To Kennedy Airport


The Lordville Presbyterian Church. We got there on Sunday, but too late for the service.

We rented a car for all four of us to get from Brewerton NY to Kennedy airport for our India trip. The 4 ½ hour road trip took 5 hours when the scenic route along the Delaware River was taken. I had to force the Google Maps route through Hancock, Callicoon, Barryville and Port Jervis to get it to stay along the river.


Callicoon from the Delaware River. Our hotel is top near the left.


Built in 1852, our hotel had a good restaurant and on the 2nd floor a large ballroom 

We split the trip in the middle by staying at the Western Hotel in Callicoon. We stopped a bit in each of the above named towns and crossed over to Pennsylvania a few times as well.


The Delaware River from the Narrowsburg Bridge

There were no major attractions along the way. The scenery is said to be the best in New York, but like the Blue Ridge Mountains a few years ago, not spectacular like the river gorges and valleys we see in the western states. We’re not complaining. We’re glad we’ve seen much of the more spectacular West, and are now really enjoying the deeper history of the East.


Just before Barryville, the Roebling Bridge, originally a 6′ deep canal taking barges over the Delaware River. Oldest wire cable suspension bridge in the US. Roebling is better known for the Brooklyn Bridge.


This overlook was a mile north of Sparrow Bush NY. Pennsylvania on the other side.

We did make it to our hotel in Queens and made it through a few issues such as, “will this e-visa for Aaron really work?” – they did question it and were going to send us to another part of the airport, but then a senior airline official decided no one was going to send him back from India with his Indian mother waiting for him there, so just let it go. Harini told me she can get PIO books, essentially Indian passports, even for Sue and me as well as for Aaron, so hopefully no more visa issues for us.


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