Little Falls


Sue relaxes. Our new crew will take care of everything.


After a lock Ethan rests up front too.

We spent a bit of time Monday morning catching up on the batch of mail we received a few stops back. I was able to pay the bills by mail and clear up some other business and we took off around 10 for Little Falls. We left the dock and went right into E14. Little Falls came a mile after E17.


Last lock of the day, E17, is a 40.5 foot lift. We have to float over all that concrete in front of us.

There were several boats, but fortunately the position at the far end along the wall was free. Active Captain said our type of power was there and so it was. We tied up about 2 PM and Sue and I walked the half mile into town around 3:30. Monday is the new Sunday for many stores and restaurants up here, so most places were closed, but it was our type of town so we knew we had to get back the next day. No Uber up here but we found a cab driver with a 5 minute response and so bought a number of items at the Price Chopper market and rode back to the boat.


We’re walking across the bridge, looking back on the south side of Little Falls.


The north side of Little Falls. The two foreground buildings are old stone factories, now shops.


Looking east down the Mohawk River. The canal splits off in this area and is to the right.

The next day the cab driver dropped us in a residential area with really nice homes. We walked downhill through that back to downtown and poked around a few hours. Later Ethan and I got haircuts and we ate half of a large excellent pizza at Ruggiero’s.


Main street. That cover in front of the stores extends for blocks both ways.


City hall. Fire dept. underneath to right. 13,000 people in 1920, now under 5000.

We finished up at the town historical society, after which I called the cab driver who had just seen us come out of the building. He answered his phone and pulled up in front of us simultaneously. That’s service! He knew we liked to look at houses and so toured us around a little before taking us back to the boat. Like Waterford and Canajoharie it would have been great to spend another day or two here.


Someone just purchased this tall house and is working on it.


This recently restored house is a B & B and wedding place.

It turns out we can’t spend those extra days due to a boater’s worst enemy, a schedule. Three days ago we learned that Sue’s presence is required in India, so all four of us plan to get on a plane June 27 assuming Ethan and Aaron’s India visas get straightened out. We’ll leave the boat at Winter Harbor at the west end of Lake Oneida where we plan to store it this winter. We should be back under way around July 13.


4 thoughts on “Little Falls

  1. Sheri Mar Carlberg says:

    Hi, Jack and Sue-

    Really am enjoying ‘living vicariously’ through your excellent posts. Beautiful little towns that you find along the way are inspiring. Travel safely. J Sheri C


  2. Ruth says:

    Reading, I realize you are on your way to India today. Have a safe and productive trip. Just wanted to let you know that Ken Clark passed away a few weeks ago. His memorial will be July 6th, his 70th birthday. Hope you are having a great boating summer with the boys.


  3. Mark Van Wieren says:

    Jack & Sue! We just found your blog. How fun on the boat! We are living in Michigan now, let us know if you are near by, we would love to see you. – Mark & Liz Van Wieren


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