Rainy Day


Stopped raining for a few minutes here.

The next day, Friday, was forecast rain, and it did. We travelled about 40 miles through locks E8 to just short of E14. All these were spaced apart along the way. Sue decided that being crew in the rain was not her thing so the boys gave their new raincoats a workout. It probably doesn’t quite rise to child abuse, and each liked that fact that with those vertical poles one of them could hold lines, letting them out as needed, and control a 25 ton boat while currents in the lock were trying to shove it around.

Some locks had only the ropes. Here the kids could take front and back and hold on as well as possible freeing me to give a little thrust or engine those few times it helped.


Just as we came out of a lock.

The rain stopped for the last 15 miles, Sue took over the helm and we enjoyed the scenery. We really like the trees here, nearly all hardwood rather than the pines we see in the west. I suppose the rain makes it that way.

We reached River Front Park in Canajoharie around 5, found the city dock completely occupied and took the first position on the concrete wall at the side of the park along Canajoharie Creek. No electric was available there but the weather was cool enough that air con was not needed, so our batteries would take us until the next day.


Homes in a very small town along the canal.

Saturday morning I ran the genset to charge the batteries. It failed after about ten minutes. I already had that problem at Waterford, called the service people who decided it could be a bad oil pressure sensor but might go away. Looks like another repair.

It’s not good for the batteries to discharge too much, but a boat had left from the dock so we moved over there and hooked up. This is the only place we’ve been so far with both free dockage (Waterford had that) and free power as well.


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