Better Weather in Annapolis


Just leaving the Solomons. The Patuxent River enters the bay in the distance. University’s research boat parked just to the right.

The weather was great for us in Norfolk. Not hot and a bit of wind, but still sunny and just a shirt was all I needed outside. Since we left Norfolk on the 4th it has been cold and windy, with highs in the low 60’s. We’ve driven from the top but kept the isinglass closed against the wind, which we were usually going into and magnifying a standard 20 – 30 mph wind to 30 – 40. The locals have been talking about some kind of front that we didn’t look into much more. We’re beginning to see less wind predicted a few days from now, and warmer temperatures a few days after that.


Part of the Solomons just before we left.

We left Solomons down the Patuxent river, which is much larger than the Indian river and navigable 30 miles up. During the depression Esso parked between 20 and 40 of their unused tankers here while awaiting a better economy. The bridge that crosses near here is 140 feet as opposed to the normal 65 foot maximum, so something big still goes up there.


Ego Alley is empty all the way down when we got there at noon.

Today the waves were 1 – 2 feet all the way, with less but still significant wind against us. We arrived in Annapolis by noon and turned up the “Ego Alley” city dock basin. Ego alley is mostly first come first served and gets pretty full most days. Although we have been able to get a spot twice in the past we’ve shoehorned in between parked boats with just a few feet to spare. We were surprised this time to see it completely empty. No one was there.


We visited the State House again.

It should not have been a surprise. Traveling on the 4th we saw no other boats save large ships. On the 7th we did see one other power boat in the distance and a sailboat. Coming here to Annapolis on the 8th we saw 2 power boats and 3 sailboats, which like wind more, on our trip. No wonder we saw no one in Ego Alley. This is for short stays, not long dockage. Boats weren’t out traveling. A couple of sailboats did come in later, and today (the 9th) the wind has eased off considerably and the sky is clear, and the boats are back. There are still two spaces on the wall, but neither large enough for our boat.


Two sailboats came in later. They’re little, but tough I guess.

With better weather we have been walking around Annapolis, visiting a house museum we have not seen before and spending time on the naval academy campus.


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