Still in Kilmarnock VA


Sun just starting to show and reflect off a navy supply ship with destroyer further on.

The predictions stayed pretty much the same and we went ahead north to Kilmarnock. Two days later it now appears we can leave on Sunday after 3 nights here. The wave forecast is 1 – 2 feet with slightly rougher toward the end of our trip.


Sun just up now and reflecting off the side of an unloading tanker.


A forest of ships. Three super-carrier towers are in there but tough to see.

We had it smooth for almost an hour as we left the river, going by the naval base last. After that it was pretty rough much of they way here with 3 – 4 foot waves coming on our beam (side). When they say 3 – 4 that is an average. From time to time a few waves somewhat larger will come as well. When these hit we could start a pretty severe roll, but the stabilizers stop us on the way back. I don’t want to try that without them.


We moved closer to the navy base to clear this boat.

The waves slacked off toward the middle of the trip and came back near the end, where the bay is 25 miles wide. The 20 mph wind was from the east and we were on the west side of the bay, which apparently gave the waves enough space to build up. When we turned west we still had 6 miles to the Indian creek inlet. We traveled with and nearly the same speed as the waves. That was a lot smoother. We surfed the waves a bit, our speed slowly changing back and forth between 10 and 12 mph. Chesapeake Boat Basin was 3 miles further up Indian creek.


Super-carriers from left to right Eisenhower (69), George Washington (73) and the new Gerald Ford (78). No other nation has even one like these.

The wave forecast on the open ocean gives the period of the waves. If the period in seconds is more than twice the height in feet then they don’t rock & crash the boat so much, but just move it up and down easily. We’ve had friends out in the Caribbean in 18 foot high long period waves and it was no problem for them. They don’t bother giving the period of waves on places like the Chesapeake and Great Lakes. It’s always short.

This is the fourth time we have been in the Chesapeake and the only time we have ever waited for weather except maybe a day our second time. This is the earliest in the season we have been here. Maybe it gets better next month?


Looking back down Indian Creek from the marina. Weather not good.


We’re usually out at the end, often on a T head. Sue likes a view.

Not a lot here, but there is a borrow car that we took the 2 miles into downtown Kilmarnock (pop. 1200). Yesterday we restocked at the Food Lion store and this evening we went back and had dinner at a Thai restaurant.

Next stop is Solomons. So far the next day looks good also, so hopefully we’ll push on to Annapolis.


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