Rained In


Just after left Swan Point Marina and approaching Marine Camp Lejeune. A remote area used for live firing, but not on weekends.

We have had remarkably good weather luck in our 3 boating years. Weather has hardly ever been bad enough to stop us from traveling, even on the open Atlantic. The only times we really waited were a week and a half to go over to the Bahamas. That was the longest, but we did not wait at all to return 340 miles from West End to Brunswick GA. We waited a week for weather to cross Lake Michigan to Chicago. That’s when we visited Detroit, the Henry Ford Museum and auto assembly plants.


Onslow bridge at the Marine base opens every half hour. Looking back after we passed through at 7:30.

Anyway, the weather was rainy enough this morning in Beaufort NC that we decided to stay another day and leave Tuesday. While all our travel is on the ICW and we don’t need to worry about poor visibility so much since no on else will go out in this weather, I’d get completely soaked just untying the boat to get us started. Tomorrow appears not so rainy although we’ll have some.


Homes along the NC ICW about 14 miles west of Beaufort.

I’m installing a backup water pressure pump, taking advantage of the clean rainwater to clean of the isinglass up top, charging the dinghy battery and doing various other maintenance items. Sue is doing a few wash loads and reorganizing some of our storage.


ICW opens up as we approach the shipping channel ahead. Morehead City NC to the left. Outer Banks to the right.


This dredge is at the right in the previous picture. It hooks to a huge pumping platform visible out in the ocean.

We had uneventful trips up from Georgetown stopping at South Harbor Village Marina 3 miles short of the Cape Fear inlet junction. Next we stayed at Swan Point Marina, where we had a memorable stay on our first trip up with Paul and Sharon. In 3 years it has had a management change, maybe two, and is getting cleaned up and just a little more normal. Not as interesting as before. Apparently all the low rent district boats have moved on.

We finally arrived at Beaufort Docks Saturday the 22nd. Beaufort is very old with a number of homes built before 1776, very touristy and a favorite stop. Sunday we attended the First Baptist Church 2 blocks up from the boat. Since we are close to Morehead City which is the last even medium sized town until we hit the Chesapeake, we took Uber to the big Harris Teeter supermarket there. We waited 20 for Uber to come. Our previous record was 6.


Earth Day (or Science Day?) march in Beaufort. Just caught the tail end. Doubled as an anti Trump rally.


Star Gazer along the boardwalk in Downtown Beaufort NC. Marina surprisingly empty, but town is busy.




















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