To New Smyrna Beach


Leaving St Augustine. Our first or second favorite coastal city.

We started late (10:30) again at half tide rising and had an easy trip from St Augustine to New Smyrna Beach. Today we saw more hurricane damage. More sailboats blown onto the ICW bank, many piers and dock houses caved in and homes with half their shingles or tiles blown off. A lot of trees were down. I think a number of owners were away from their vacations homes and have not been able to get back to clear things away.


The first grounded trawler we’ve seen. All others are sailboats.


The wind stripped the deck and rails from this pier. We’ve seen many wrecked piers & boathouses

Nearly all the wrecked boats we saw were sailboats. Sailboats can be cheaper to own, smaller engines and less fuel requirements. You do trade a bit of speed and a lot of inside room for this. The other way they save money is by anchoring instead of paying by the foot in a marina.


Hooray. Another drawbridge gone. 2nd removed one we’ve seen in last few days.

When the hurricane hit most of those anchored boats held just fine, but some did not and were blown into the ICW bank. Since the water was much higher than normal they were blown up onto the land in many cases.



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