To Melbourne


Leaving early again, so we see the sunrise.

We left New Smyrna Beach Marina at 7:30, just before sunrise. With fewer questionable ICW areas ahead we could risk travelling through a low tide (at 2 PM). Winds are often much less in the early morning and that was the case today. The water surface was not quite a mirror, but close until about 9:30.
In these conditions we really noticed the pelicans hunting in groups of three or more. The whole group is side by side and can skim a few inches above the surface without moving at all for the longest time. That clear surface must be great for spotting fish.


We saw a lot of wrecked boathouses, but not too many, like this one, with a boat inside.

Sue was busy spotting manatee and saw 14 of them. We both noticed the first one surfacing 15’ off our right bow as we started to leave the marina. When they come up it’s that strange nose first which then they blow. With the porpoises you always see their back and dorsal fin since their nose is up there.

No significant hazards listed in Active Captain and no bridges to wait for, so it was an easy travel day. Sue never tires of seeing the homes along the water. People can go all out for these and some are large enough to house a family of 50.


We saw a lot of manatees, and signs for them too. 

We also saw porpoises. Sue called out that two were following us, then said “no, three!” I went over to look and there were four, all coming out of the water together. They wouldn’t stay with us more than a few minutes because we run the boat a bit slower than we used to, at 1500 RPM, exactly 10 MPH. Sue wanted to see more so I increased to our old porpoise speed, 1700 RPM, to get a better wake and they came and stayed longer.


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