Whitaker Point


We passed R E Mayo Fuel and Seafood on the way.

On 14, 15, 16 and 17 we planned long runs to go 340 miles in 4 days. No problems or particular delays so far in getting as far as Whitaker point, on now our third day of running. It’s been longer than our usual runs, but nice scenery most of the way, so yes, it’s still fun. Sue agrees with me on this. Still, it’s usually better not to rush.


Just another day on the ICW. Sue never tires of looking at clouds.

It may get a bit boring further south in SC and in GA. Depending on the weather, we may try an open ocean run. We could do that out of Little River, Georgetown, or Charleston. Each of these is a day’s run from the other. We probably will stay on the ICW at least until Georgetown so we can test out the boat after the work to be done on it, but after that we’ll see. Well, maybe we won’t see. Sue probably won’t stand for missing Charleston or Savannah. It’s 17 miles to get through the inlet to the Atlantic from Savannah, but oh well.


Whitaker Point Marina. We tied up at the dock just ahead. Should be easy.

Tonight we’re at Whitaker Point. We came in to a simple side tie which should have been no problem even though no one immediately was there help us. I thought it would be easy but we had a 20 mph wind off the dock, and it was all I could do with the front and rear thrusters to keep the boat from getting away while tying up. I’ll have to remember that when the wind reaches 20 to have someone on the dock to meet us, come it at an angle an have them tie up the nose first. Once that is done I can force the rear in with the main engines if the thrusters are not enough. The guy did come out (I really didn’t announce us soon enough to him), so If we had waited he would have helped us. I probably needed that experience, however. I should also get the thrusters fixed. Seems there’s a glitch in the controls that does not allow both of them to run at once.


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