RE Mayo Fuel & Seafood


Leaving RE Mayo. That sign is a huge ice maker producing many boatloads of ice each day.

After yesterday’s adventure I did want to fuel up. Along the way I called our destination to learn that the only fuel available was at the nearby Yacht club, still 2 miles out of our way (that’s 4 total), at $4.50 a gallon! I got on Active Captain on the iPad and looked along our way. I found another fuel stop at RE Mayo Docks only 2 miles ahead of us on our current narrow canal. Just enough time to call and confirm their $3.70 price and find out where to dock. She told me to pull in behind the big blue boat.

Their dock was on the left. It went along the side of the canal since there was no room for a dock to stick out. Fishing boats were parked along the entire dock. All of them were blue. No problem since there was only one space anywhere between all those boats.

The opening turned out to be 70 feet, but that was hard to estimate accurately at the time. I’m 50 feet with that big swim platform. I pulled up alongside the opening, stopping with the bow as close as I dared behind the big blue (did I mention steel with jagged projections) boat. Paul ran to the back to tell me how much space I had there. I can’t see out back. I do have a camera focused back and downward there but it can’t see at all far to the side. Good thing it could not see that huge wicked looking anchor sticking out of the bow of the boat behind.. Paul estimated 10 – 15 feet of room, so with two engines opposing and the bow thruster I eased the boat sideways into the dock.

The fishing boats all fuel up at RE Mayo. They know where the price is right. They also offload their catch for processing and sale, mainly wholesale. After all that work I wanted my moneys worth for that dock, so we stayed and ate a nice if quick lunch, and then all went in to pay. They have store geared for the fishing boat people. It’s the only store of any kind for miles so the locals sit around in front of the counter. The store supplies 4 rocking chairs for them. I was disappointed that it did not have a pot bellied stove. If the diesel was cheap, their price for ice was even better. You buy it by the ton, however.


They get few non commercial boats here which did not surprise us given the docking issues, plus they are in the middle of nowhere. Still, I’ll stop there again on the way back, assuming there is a slot long enough for me to fit into.


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