Back to Chesapeake


Back to Canyon Club Marina, a big center for sport fish boats.


Evening at the Cape May walking street.

We left Atlantic City on the 31st at the more reasonable hour of 8:30 for a short open ocean trip and arrived by noon at Canyon Club Marina. We stayed there 2 nights and so had had the rest of the day as well as all of the next day (Monday August 1) to spend in Cape May. Most activity there centers around the main walking only street that goes several blocks through town. Sue and Sharon visited several shops and we ate in a couple of the restaurants. Certainly very touristy, but fun in the right doses.


Leaving Cape May. White ferry boats show far off at right near where canal meets Delaware Bay.


Marty and Carol, Paul’s brother & sister in law, joined us at Bohemia Bay.

On the 2nd we rose early and went up Delaware Bay with no rough stuff this time, through the C & D canal and down the Chesapeake a short ways to the very small Bohemia Bay Marina on the east side of the bay. They had room for several boats to side tie along a single dock. Marty and Carol came on board for a few days. They are from Michigan and last joined us for a few hops between marinas in that state last year as well as some other travels in the Flint & Detroit areas.


Entering Bohemia Bay Marina. We docked just to the left in front of that small boat.


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