Up the Hudson


Looking up Rondout Creek. Kingston is to the right, our marina is left.

(I have not made entries here for a long time. I’ve been keeping the text, but not processing the pictures. I’ll try to catch up now before we leave our new condo in Sarasota)

The scenery is still great the second time up the Hudson along Manhattan. This time Jordan got to see it with us. A north wind came up later in the day which brought up some waves that didn’t seem too bad until we saw about a 25’ boat off to port bucking way up with waves crashing over its bow.


Old downtown Kingston. Not too active any more, but still alive.

Not too many marinas take boats our size along the lower part of the Hudson, so we ended up at Haverstraw where we docked last year for one night. The wind seemed to die down a bit when we docked, but made no difference since we just did a side tie. Next day we traveled on to Rondout Marina across from Kingston where we docked last year. One thing we were sorry about last year was that we could not spend a few days looking around Kingston, so this time we did.


Sue and Jordan in Old Dutch Church in old downtown Kingston.

We rented a car so we could take Jordan to the airport at Albany as well as pick up Sharon and Paul, who were flying in just before Jordan’s flight left. Sharon and Paul came in after midnight and Jordan left very early in the morning on the 21st, so everyone was wiped out the next day. It turned out that Jordan took nearly 40 hours to get back to Austin because of historic Southwest Air computer failures. Back at the boat we had a down day on the 21st with Sharon and Paul.


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