Two Days in NYC


Looking ESE from One World Trade Center. Brooklyn Bridge ahead in center. Woolworth building has construction cover to left.

We enjoyed our 2nd dramatic entry into New York Harbor. The weather was pretty good until passing the Statue of Liberty, when the rain started. You can see how it looked from our last year’s entry.

We’re at Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City. A ferry leaves a few steps away from us and lands at World Financial Center, which is a large floating dock (really – look it up in Google Maps). This is just a short walk and escalator ride from One World Trade Ctr.

We got Gray Line double decker tickets to see the city, which was an expensive mistake. We got on around 10 AM Sunday and went for most of the Lower Manhattan loop. We got off at Eataly, a large Italian restaurant/market facility on 5th Ave. not far from the Flatiron building for lunch. Turned out great. Sue learned new things about Italian cooking and food and wished she could shop there often.


Jordan approaches the first tower. Starting early made the walk in the sun just right.

Then we tried to get back on the “hop on, hop off” bus. We were in line with 20 people, waited a half hour, and the one that came had space for three. We forgot about that and used Uber the rest of the time. With three people, the price of the bus tickets would get you all you need in Uber rides. We went back to One World Trade Ctr. and took in the observation floor. It was great, but I prefer Empire State. After the first thousand feet the height is pretty much the same, and I like seeing Central Park from above. If, however, they get anything 10,000 feet or above, I will want to see that.


Once we entered the city finding shade was easy. Looking back to the Woolworth building.

The next day I got up early and drug Jordan out of bed to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years. We took the 6 AM ferry over and then Ubered to Prospect and Washington streets in Brooklyn, the walkway entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked to where the walkway let out near city hall in Manhattan. The bridge seemed smaller than I imagined. Its cables are less than half the diameter those on the Golden Gate, and seemed to me smaller than even that. There are 4 of them to the Golden Gate’s 2, however.

We continued up Broadway to 5th Ave. and then on up to the public library. This was still closed so we walked 2 blocks to Grand Central Station and after a good look went down to the food court for an early lunch. By the time we were finished the library was open and we took in some of its grand rooms. Unfortunately the grandest of all, the main reading room, has been closed for renovation for the last two years. It opens this October.


We walked through Grand Central and ate in the food court below.

We next walked two more blocks to Times Square and turned north through it and on to Central Park. We walked through its southern half, including the famous mall, coming out at the Met. We went in to just see the grand entrance hall, and then Ubered back to Brookfield Place, the glass covered mall by “World Financial Center”. The total distance we walked, not including side trips, going through buildings and a bit of Central Park rambling, was 7 miles, so not it was not such a big thing. It became hotter as the day went on, but with shade from tall buildings and park trees at last it was very comfortable.


The blind John Milton dictates Paradise Lost to his daughter. You’ll have to go to the Library of Congress to match the NYC public library.

We met up with Sue at 1 PM. She had come over and took in the shopping center and was ready to have a later lunch with us. After lunch Sue wanted to see the Guggenheim Museum. I wondered about this and did tell her about it a few times, but apparently she did not quite hear me, because she was shocked that it had only modern art. Since we were there, we decided to give it our best shot, which was just not good enough. Whatever it is people see in that just does not register for us. There is nothing there I would even want as a repeating wallpaper pattern, and I still think that with a decent computer graphics program and printer I could do as well as most of what I saw. We should have gone to the Met, which Jordan has not seen, but maybe next time.


Jordan as we started walking the Central Park Mall, scene of many movies.

There is no place like NYC. We will certainly be back. Anyone who wants to do “extreme” NYC sightseeing on foot let me know.



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