To New York Harbor


Atlantic City as we left it early Saturday Morning.

We left Canyon Marina late for us, at 9:30 and proceeded at slower than usual speed to Atlantic City. We needed two days on the open Atlantic to reach New York harbor. We could have started late afternoon one day, traveled overnight and arrived late morning the next but wanted to stop over at Atlantic City. There were no marina slips available anywhere, but Kammermans Marina was able to take us on their fuel dock if we did not show up until they closed at 7 PM.


All along the way from Cape May to Atlantic City we saw beaches full of people.

Even with going slow we got there around 3:30 PM. The Senator Farley State Marina, which is at the Golden Nugget Casino, was where I first called to stay. They have a courtesy dock where we could tie up for several hours although not overnight, so we found a place between a sailboat and a wall that turned out to be less than 60′ long and slowly shoehorned our way in. We went to the same buffet that we went last year with Keith and Gayle. It turned out not as good and a lot more expensive than last year. I think on our return trip this year (no full loop this time) we’ll just make an overnight trip and do the entire New Jersey trip on one shot.


Star Gazer clear at the end and a bit right, from the window upstairs in the casino.

After dinner and wandering in the casino we took the boat over to the fuel dock and tied up for the night. Atlantic City is a lot less than halfway up the coast, so Saturday morning we left at 5:30 for New York Harbor. The forecast was for 2 – 3 foot waves with a 8 second period. I think the period turned out a bit longer, so we had some slow and easy movement and were pretty comfortable all the way.

There was some haze in the air so we did not see the New York skyline until we were 10 miles off. Things got a little rougher when we entered the harbor because of the wake from boat traffic, especially all the ferries. Still not so bad, and we showed Jordan the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Statue of Liberty and some of the high points of Manhattan.

It started to rain before we pulled into Liberty Harbor Marina’s channel around 4 PM. Their channel, 72, was going crazy with other boats running in to get away from the storm and a sailboat that had completely lost power outside the channel. I just had insert my own statement that we were there, where should we go, etc. into the rest of the chatter. The first thing they asked was whether we had thrusters. Next time I’ll say no, or that I don’t know how to use them. They decided we were the perfect candidate for side tie at the end of a long corridor of slips that the other large boats could not fit into.


Fishing must be good. A few times on the Atlantic we ran into a fairly dense clump of boats, forcing steering correction.

The corridor was much too narrow to turn around in, so once I got to the end I could only go bow in to the last slip with my back very close to the 20 foot boat in the slip on the opposite side. When we leave here I’m going to have to back out all the way to the main channel.

Anyway we have three nights here, which gives us the full days of Sunday and Monday to see the city.



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