Manjack Cay


We’ve been 4 nights in Manjack Cay. Even with many boats, none were in shouting distance. We took the dinghy to the next anchorage north of us and tied up to the pier and spent some time. We’ll anchor here next time. Usually only one boat here. Great beach, a nice pier we sat underneath with our feet in the water. Large stingrays come up and nudge your legs. A small boat occasionally brings tourists here. They feed stingrays so they tend to hang around.


This barracuda hung out a few feet to the side of the pier. 


Tourists are brought here to feet the rays. The barracuda ran right over and got caught by the guy on the right.

A quarter mile trail starting at the pier took us to the ocean side. A beautiful long totally deserted sandy beach. Brought our small chairs and sat and watched the breakers. Windier here. That was nice but I liked calm clear waters on the other side better, so we after we went back we sat down at the water under the pier. Many rays, a few other fish including a barracuda that hung around a few feet offshore. When the dive boat left we could just splash our feet in the water and the rays would come.


We sat to the left, our dinghy on the right. The dive boat was just here for 20 minutes.

At night it’s lights on and watching fish down on the swim platform at the stern. Had a bit of wind. Topped out at 35 mph but died down over the next days.


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