T Storms


Returning home in the dinghy. A bit of wind is on the water. 

Our first day at our first destination, Manjack Cay, and it had to rain! It was over early afternoon, and we lowered the dinghy and look around in the Mangroves and at the beach.

Our recent boat repairs, the main projects being stabilizers and a new shower in the mid bath, took so long that we were able to put in a few other things as well. Some of these take the boat from “just a bit of skill to pilot and dock” to “any idiot can pilot and dock” – in reasonable weather and currents, of course. The changes will hopefully also help when it gets more unreasonable. The radar and everything else that needed it was also fixed.

Guests will be glad to know that the new shower belongs to the mid bath only. The bathtub is gone and no more double door system. We can share it and all have about the same access. While it was installed we had to use the front V berth shower and for the first time saw its limitations. It has a new faucet/shower fixture and a wrap around shower curtain on a ceiling track that keeps most of the water where it should be.


The bathtub used to be here. Sue has wanted that gone for a long time.

Among other minor jobs was underwater lights to the rear. We finally got to try them out at Great Sale Cay and last night here at Manjack. They really show up the fish, mostly 3 inchers darting around. A few crabs swam by on the surface picking things out of the water as they went. We didn’t knew crabs swam like that. Thought they just crawled on the bottom. Several squid a few feet in length jerk backward and forward. We saw pipefish, 3 or 4 jellyfish with trailers a foot or so. They swim more vigorously than I have seen before. Never had the patience to maintain an aquarium. This is better.


Manjack is pretty narrow and only a few miles long. A 10 minute walk to the Atlantic side.

Twelve boats in the bay at 10 AM. A popular spot. Still a bit of wind (10 with gusts up to 20) and grey sky. No dinghies in motion yet. Everyone just relaxing like we are, no doubt. Maybe that’s we had to get old before coming here this way, to be able to relax and handle downtime like this.


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