Green Turtle Cay


New Plymouth Settlement is built around this harbor which is too small for most modern boats.

We don’t know anything but what we hear from friends and read on the Active Captain app, and they say everyone coming this way goes to Green Turtle Cay. The north harbor is more upscale, with two resort/yacht clubs. The south is by the New Plymouth settlement and has 5 very small marinas/boat yards. They never answer the phone so it took two days to get one of them, Donny, to answer a radio call. He could not accommodate a boat like ours but saw a space on a T head on another marina (that I could not call), so why don’t I just come ahead?

I normally like to plan ahead when coming into a tight little harbor. Hard to just float around in a place like that while trying to figure out what to do, especially if no one answers the phone or radio. Especially if the wind is over 20 mph like it was. That seems how they do it here, so we took up the anchor and chugged 5 miles over.

We arrived in the harbor and had passed the place Donny saw by the time we raised him on the radio. He could see me and said it was astern starboard. The wind was off the port bow, so we stopped the boat and were slowly blown back to where we are now.


This house says 1866. Some probably older but we didn’t look.

Turns out Donny is a legend around here. Everyone knows about him. Very helpful and will do just about anything for you whether he is making money from you or not. We have met several other boaters both here and down at Donny’s marina. Great people. Our week out at anchor was great, and we’ll have more, but it’s nice to see others now and again also.


Same house to the left. Looking down one of the two main streets of the settlement.

An hour or so after we docked someone showed up and took our money for our dock space and a golf cart rental. We went to explore. New Plymouth settlement was founded in 1786. We saw a few old homes, but did not check if any older than those were about. Just a few hundred people live here. A number of Canadians and people from northern states keep boats here and live on them in the winter. They store their boat strapped down on the hard and go back north for summer and hurricane season. Four of these couples rented long term at our marina. We’d all get together, share a bit of food and talk in the early evening.


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