Pickwick Lock and Grand Harbor Marina

Sue on the bow at Pickwick Lock, our only one of the day.

We woke at Wolf Island to another great weather day. Sleeping weather the last night was perfect. We opened all the windows and had it just right all night. The warm weather came the last half of yesterday and appears to be staying for awhile here near the Tennessee – Mississippi border. Locals tell us that the lakes and rivers here never freeze over and while they rarely have up to a foot of snow it is normally gone the next day. Looks like we’ve reached the deep south.

We saw this tow around the bend, passed him and got to the lock early enough to go through before.

We passed this tow going the other way. A 3 x 5. Glad he’s already through the lock.

All our Kentucky Lake – Tennessee River travel so far has been more pleasant because of a 6 – 10 mph wind from the north. Since we’re travelling south overall, we feel no wind as we go. We left at 8 and arrived at Pickwick Lock at 9:30 after passing two tows. Another private boat was currently locking up, so we waited about a half hour. We then went in and locked up 55’ alone in the smaller 600 x 110’ chamber. If anyone wonders that took just north of 27 million gallons of water.

Approaching Pickwick Lock. We used the small chamber ahead. The gate for the 1000′ chamber is to the right.

There were several small boats fishing up close to the power house and dam. No spillway water today.

Grand Harbor Marina was another five miles up Pickwick Lake behind the dam. We were scheduled to meet someone there to install an additional engine control system that we ordered in November of last year. When we ordered it they said it would be installed in December 2014. That changed to end of January 2015 when they told me they had not interfaced to the particular engine controls, made in Italy, on Star Gazer. They continued to have problems, rescheduling to the end of March. Then they were going to meet us at Oswego NY and after that to Alton IL near St Louis. Now it looks like they really will get this installed here at Grand Harbor. Stay tuned.


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