Anchored at Wolfe Island

Looking back into Double Island anchorage as we left.

Today came sunny and pleasant while it took it’s time warming up. I had planned two days at Double Island and for the next travel day to take us all the way to Grand Harbor Marina, 65 miles and one lock away. By lunchtime we were well rested and decided instead to travel part of the distance to the marina and anchor somewhere close to Pickwick Dam, which comes just before Grand Harbor.

Fishing on the Tennessee River.

This time we got a very pleasant travel day with great scenery, mainly forests, hills and rock formations along the bank. We noticed less fall color. Maybe we are outrunning it as we travel south.

One of the nicer homes along the river. There were some really old homes nearby as well.

Since we left at the late hour of 1:00, we did not arrive at Wolf Island until 5:30. We both agree it is better scenery behind this island than the previous one. We can just barely see another boat that came behind the island from its other north end to anchor. Otherwise we were alone.

To the left of the steeple starts the main street of Clifton TN, the only town we passed today.

Late afternoon at our Wolf Island Anchorage. Calm with an easy current sliding past.

We saw currents as high as 3½ mph in a few spots today. The current 1½ mph behind Wolf Island is keeping the anchor line tight and the boat straight as an arrow.


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