Anchored at Double Island

Inserted note: We’re in Columbus MS at a Starbucks. It may be the only one on the entire Tenn Tom, including the part of the Tennessee river we travelled. We’ll try to get all my pre written blog posts and our photos to date entered here.

River bank near the start of our trip today.

It was cold and overcast as we left Pebble Isle Marina after staying two nights. With a predicted high of 65 we decided, for the third time in our boat traveling history, to drive from below all day. We ran the genset so we could run the AC in heat mode and were very comfortable. We soon came to the end of the Kentucky Lake and were back on the Tennessee River, but it was wide with no traffic

The only moving tow we saw today.

Water was smooth all the way, so Sue made a great breakfast and we sat at the table and ate as we went. We watched the navigation chart on the monitor from the table, with standing just occasionally to check there was now tow or other boat traffic about.

Homes along the Tennessee.

There are few tows on the lake or river. We pass maybe one each way per day. While this is an area of pleasure boating and lake homes, we saw even fewer private boats except for the small “bass boat” fishing boats. It was Sunday, so even with the cold weather we would see those. The 53 miles to Double Island was scenic, but we were glad to enjoy it out the windows from downstairs.

The Alvin C York Bridge. Finally something not named after the congressman that got the money for it.

Shortly after lunch we slowly picked our way behind Double Island, watching our depth until we started to run out of it, dropped the anchor and let the current ease us back. The current was slow, but held us in the same place all night.


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