Into Tennessee

Abandon rail bridge in Tennessee. Used to cross Kentucky Lake.

Weather leaving Green Turtle was cold, 65 or below. Overcast but no rain. It was not cold enough to drive from below, but it was the first time in memory where we’ve kept the top zipped up all day. Time to be heading south.

I don’t say what town this marina is in because there is no town or anything else here. I forgot the western end of Kentucky is so narrow, but then realized that we entered Tennessee a mile after we left our anchorage. We traveled in Tennessee, and will also when we leave here to an anchorage, and one more travel day to reach Grand Harbor Marina just over the border in Mississippi.

Approaching Pebble Isle Marina. We had to keep to the far left to get enough depth.

The Tenn Tom canal branches off the Tennessee river at Grand Harbor. We’ll be taking the Tenn Tom to Mobile Bay on the gulf, but before that we’re thinking of going up the Tennessee a few days as far as Chattanooga. We hear it’s a nice trip with a few interesting towns along the way. I’d tell you their names but this marina has no Wi-Fi and no cell phone data access, so it will have to wait. We’ll wait and see what the weather may be like. If it remains cold we may just continue south.

There are about 12 looper boats here at Pebble Isle, and our first night loopers filled the small restaurant out on the docks. We ate there with Bill, Bobbi, Jim and Catherine.

At Pebble Isle. All boats here are loopers. Some hidden behind these. Also a few more came in after this pic.

We heard that Loretta Lynn’s home and ranch are nearby and open to tours, so we borrowed the marina van, invited some British loopers along and went to investigate. We did the home tour and saw her museum. If we were fans I’m sure it would have been great. It was no Dollywood, but it was interesting and had a nice setting. We saw Tennessee countryside on the way, and since our GPS was not quite up to delivering us to Loretta’s door, enjoyed a little more countryside and dirt roads than we expected.

It was a good time with friends, and we even managed to stop by a small town CVS drugs and get our flu shots on the way back.


Creek at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Building to left is her general store. To far right is her home we toured.

Weather remains cold. I’m going over to the restaurant. They’re trying out a new Wi-Fi service. I want to see if the weather is predicted warmer for our travel and anchoring tomorrow.


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