Anchored at Dry Fork Bay

We didn’t get off until 8:30 and traveled 40 miles in no hurry to get here just after one. We came 1½ miles into the bay from the channel and dropped anchor over to one side where Sue liked the rocky shore and some of the trees just starting to turn for fall. The wind was 10 mph or less and all was quiet.

Fishing this morning out in front of our boat at anchor in Dry Fork Bay.

We were alone in this fairly large branch off a larger bay until this morning the next day when two small boats were fishing some distance away when we got up. They’re long gone but its just after one now and two other looper boats came to anchor. If anyone else comes it will be in the next half hour or so, since they’re sure to come from behind one of the two dams. This bay is quite large and the new boats are a more than 1000 feet away from us, so we’re still pretty much alone.

Evening our second night in Dry Fork Bay. Two other loopers joined us today. Kentucky Lake in far center.

I’m glad Sue likes anchoring so much. Total quiet makes it easy to catch up on the blog and think about what we’re about. Often we’re so busy getting to the next place, then going out to see what’s there that we don’t slow down to think at all. That is a lot of fun, but it’s good to have some of both. We can anchor all we want now. Every mile or so there are great anchorages in bays off the main lake.

Main span being built on a barge. It’s for the new bridge being built right of this picture.

New bridge construction. The old bridge is just behind.

Tomorrow we’ll stop for two nights at Pebble Isle Marina about 40 miles further south. After that we’ll be back at anchor.


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