Manitoulin Island and Gore Bay

Yet another sunrise picture. We have better, but this is the best for Friday morning as we left Killarney

There had to be one more bridge. Yesterday we entered the North Channel at the north of Lake Huron which is divided from it by Manitoulin Island. This island is 75 miles long and at its east end has the only bridge connecting it to the mainland to the north. It’s a swing bridge that opens every hour.

We left Roque’s marina at Killarney at 6 AM and covered the 20 miles to the bridge slower than I anticipated. We ended up waiting awhile in open water a mile before the bridge. Usually we have to wait in a small channel, possibly with a current, which requires constant attention to keep the boat away from shore and in a reasonable position. This time I just turned off the engines and read a book.

The town of Little Current on Manitoulin Island, just west of the swing bridge.

At 9:00 the bridge opened and we passed the town of Little Current just beyond it. It wasn’t very big, but I think it might be the largest on the island. We took this trip slow, moving quietly westward about 300 feet off Manitoulin’s north shore.

We finally turned south into Gore Bay and arrived at the marina at it’s end. Several looper boats traveling our way were already there when we pulled in and some of them came over to catch our lines and help tie up.

We stayed an extra day and will leave Monday. There is not a lot to do, but there is a small downtown with a grocery store that almost makes supermarket status. Several second hand stores also caught Sue’s notice.


This is the big attraction the area, Angel Falls just outside of Kagawong. Today is Sunday so people are out.

I dropped the motorbike and rode to a Kagawong 10 miles west. This was smaller than Gore Bay but did have some nice touristy stores, a marina and a museum. I spent a half hour in the museum learning a bit of local lore and then went a mile up the road to Angel Falls. The falls were not spectacular, but maybe could be in the Spring or after a lot of rain. This is where the locals come on Sunday. There is a nice pool at the bottom of the falls where the children play with the falls raining down on them. There were plenty of kids catching things in the stream that flows out of the pool and out to the North Channel at the town.


Gore Bay Marina left of center. Town of Gore Bay to its left. Star Gazer on outside dock just left of sailboat mast.

Tomorrow we leave for Drummond Island which is just across the US border. We’ll check in with US customs there. I think that may be more than just a phone call.


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