Beaverstone Bay and the Collins Inlet

In the Collins Inlet, just past Beaverstone Bay.

Georgian Bay is not known for its interesting towns and ports or for fine restaurants along the way. The big thing here is the scenery among the thirty thousand islands. Today was the best scenery of all.

We got up early, pushed our stern out to avoid the houseboat right behind, and backed out of Wright’s marina. There was no wind, so it was easy.

An hour or so after we started. Just stay right of the greens and left of the reds.

At the mouth of Byng Inlet we found a red line on the chart we could pick up and headed out. It led out to open bay in some places and behind various islands in others as we worked toward our goal that day of the top of the bay at Killarney.

We saw several of these in Beaverstone Bay and in Collins Inlet.

About the halfway point the red line turns and plunges into Beaverstone Bay. Five miles in at the back of the bay starts a narrow channel called Collins Inlet that continues on more than twelve miles before it comes back out into the main Georgian Bay. This was the prettiest waterway we have seen in Canada. Narrow enough to be up close and personal with the rock formations and trees on each side, but wide enough to pass an oncoming boat without major issues arising, although passing a boat going the same way would not work.

Collins Inlet

We took it slow and quiet through here. The weather that had been pretty nice but a little cool, warmed up so Sue and Sharon had their chairs out on the bow. It’s great seeing parts of the US and Canada we have never seen before, and most of it is not at all like we expected it to be, and most is better than we thought it would be.

Less than a half hour after exiting Collins Inlet we entered the channel that cuts off George Island from the mainland to the north. We stopped at Roque’s, the last of the three marinas on the channel in Killarney.


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