A Better Bay Day

Rocks everywhere, both sides. Hopefully not right in front.

Today was supposed to be better weather so we left the Parry Sound dock at 6 AM, continuing on our “inside northern” passage of the Georgian Bay. Like yesterday, nearly all the time we were in “inland” protected waters, separated from the main bay by many islands large and small.

Morning was still cool, but not enough to go downstairs. Later on the sun came out and everyone was up top as we passed various shores and islands. Most islands that have a house have only one. A great way to vacation if you want isolation. No cars out here. No bridges except for the one we waited on yesterday. The nearest thing they could have to a road would be a footpath, and we’ve seen none of those.

More winding paths and hairpin turns. We go a mile or two out into the main bay, make a 160 degree turn around a marker and head back in. The long thin stone fingers we avoid are sometimes visible and sometimes invisible just under the water. Locals say the water in the bay (Lake Huron) is two to three feet higher this year. That should make passage easier, but many formerly visible patches of rock are now just underwater. Sticking to the chart we should be OK, but go somewhere else and no telling what we could run into.

We’re in, behind a boat of similar make, but can we get out in the morning?

Tonight we’re at Wrights Marina in Byng inlet. I think there’s a town called that also, but I’m not sure. Apparently there was a British admiral Byng who lost an encounter with the French in this area and got executed for it.

It was pretty windy off our beam as we went in between docks to tie up. I tried to back in, but too much wind blew me to the side, so I went bow in. Backing in with a crosswind must be done fast and decisively, which I can’t do when I can’t see out the back. No room to turn around, so we’ll have to back out when we leave in the morning. No one will be on the dock to help like they were when we came in, so there’d better be no wind in the morning.


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